USA v Venezuela: World Baseball Classic quarter-finals – live!

Key events Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature USA 3-2 Venezuela, top 3rd inning Garcia facing Goldschmidt. The announcers are now bringing up WBC historical statistics, I can’t believe those are things now. I feel so old. He strikes out on a 2-2 pitch. A shot of Ken Griffey […]

The Curtain Rises on Trump’s Legal Dramas

If mercy and justice reliably prevailed in this fallen world, Donald Trump would not be permitted to squat rent-free and endlessly in the public consciousness. After suffering humiliation at the ballot box, he would have slithered off to live out his days at his tropical Elba in South Florida, playing golf and eating what he […]

«Sortez-moi d’ici!»: une deuxième saison confirmée!

La téléréalité «Sortez-moi d’ici!» aura droit à une deuxième saison à compter de l’an prochain.  • À lire aussi: Sa bonne humeur va nous manquer: Nathalie Simard est éliminée de la téléréalité «Sortez-moi d’ici!» Regardée par plus de 1,7 million de téléspectateurs chaque semaine, l’émission a été renouvelée pour une nouvelle saison. Le duo d’animateurs, […]

Why the Microsoft Office-ization of AI makes sense

There’s a lot of mystery and glamour surrounding the future of artificial intelligence, which suddenly looks to be gaining capabilities at an incredible pace. Yet the nonstop product announcements now coming from Big Tech have largely been centered around quotidian office tasks like making spreadsheets or managing Gmail or creating PowerPoint slides. While that’s disappointing […]

CFA Institute revises exam; cuts study time, stresses practical skills

The CFA Institute unveiled sweeping changes to its three-level financial analyst exam to emphasize practical skills and reduce the amount of time candidates study, in the biggest reworking since the test was introduced in 1963. Starting next year, chartered financial analyst candidates will take Level I and […]

Trump “just had a really bad 24 hours”: Kirschner

Former President Donald Trump‘s legal troubles add up to a “really bad 24 hours” for the ex-president, according to legal analyst Glenn Kirschner. The former federal prosecutor said that Trump was “in trouble” during the latest episode of his Justice Matters podcast on Friday. Kirschner said that “the first step of accountability” for Trump was […]

Federal Judge Hands Over Trump’s Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ

On her final day as the top judge in the District of Columbia on Friday afternoon—in her final act—Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell did more than grant the Justice Department permission to question former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney. She actually took the rare step of handing over the lawyer’s notes to federal prosecutors, according […]