Morbi in 1979 to Turkey in 2023: Narendra Modi, the humanitarian, has always been there for people in India and the world



NEW DELHI:India has emerged as a first responder to countries hit by natural disasters around the world,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Feb. 20. He faced the worst natural disaster since the country was founded. highlighted India’s efforts during Operation Dost in Turkey after two devastating earthquakes.
Speaking at a meeting with the NDRF team returning from Turkey after a relief operation, he said:

Prime Minister Modi aptly emphasized the age-old Indian adage ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

But relief efforts in earthquake-hit Turkey are just the latest example. For decades, Narendra Modi has always stood tall and stood as a pillar of strength to help those in need.In times of need, Narendra Modi has led relief efforts in natural disasters in India and abroad. There are several examples of providing assistance to certain countries.

Modi was always Pradhan he was Sevak.

Time and time again, Prime Minister Modi’s support and leadership has made a significant contribution to those in need.

On August 11, 1979, Gujarat experienced a very painful tragedy when a dam on the Machchhu River burst and floods wreaked havoc on his Morbi and surrounding areas.

Massive waves of destruction reached 30 feet high and claimed thousands of lives after he submerged entire districts in less than 20 minutes. Narendra Modi, still in his 20s, immediately jumped into relief efforts in Morbi. He carried out this mission head-on, directing relief efforts at a micro level.

Modi and his team rushed to help the survivors. He was at the forefront of the overall plan for the relief effort.

Prime Minister Modi has deployed separate teams to clear streets and clean houses after the floods. He deployed a team to pull the corpses out of the dirt and grime and cremate them.

Modi organized and controlled the distribution of large quantities of food for the survivors.

Modi also successfully dispatched a medical team to prevent the spread of the disease after the floods.

He recruited volunteers from different districts of Gujarat in Morbi to participate in relief efforts.

The trail of devastation left by the receding waters was not for the faint of heart. But Modi remained determined to help those who are trying to rebuild their remaining lives.

Modi has always operated from a place of deep empathy and been actively involved in people’s problems.No wonder the 2006 Surat flood tragedy wreaked havoc.

He decided not to drink water until the people of Surat had access to safe drinking water.

The Kutch earthquake that occurred on January 26, 1991 is one of the biggest disasters to hit Gujarat in recent years. Narendra Modi has led efforts to restore the area to its original state. In 2013, a heartbreaking tragedy struck Uttarakhand. Heavy rains caused great floods and even the sacred Kedarnath Temple was flooded.
Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat, played a key role in providing relief supplies to the people there.

Narendra Modi was the only commercial to visit Dehradun at the time. Modi asked the parliament-led state government to appoint him to be responsible for the restoration of the Kedarnath Valley. He came with an officer and had all the data on the Gujarati people stranded in Uttarakhand. He also submitted his 500 crore check to the state government.

The Modi government has also arranged the transport of people from other states.

He was also sending trains carrying relief supplies from Gujarat.

These are just a few examples of what happened when Narendra Modi stood like a rock behind the people of India. Modi’s Helping Hand Always Spreads Around the World

Turkey’s devastating earthquake this year was massive, claiming thousands of lives. India, led by Prime Minister Modi, is one of the first countries to offer help. Several videos of Turks greeting Indian rescuers have also gone viral on social media.

In 2015, when Nepal was rocked by a massive earthquake that claimed nearly 9,000 lives, the Indian Air Force (IAF) sent a National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team there.

The Indian Navy first arrived in the Maldives in December 2015 to provide fresh drinking water to her over 150,000 citizens who were facing severe drinking water shortages.

Similarly, India was the first country to respond to devastating floods in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

India was the first country to evacuate its citizens and foreigners from war zones, including Operation Rahat in Yemen in 2015. Of the 5,600 people evacuated, 960 were foreigners.

It is no surprise that the Prime Minister is benevolent to the cause of his citizens, but extending the same level of empathy and compassion to those outside India and promoting their well-being is an extraordinary achievement.

It naturally becomes modi. As part of its humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, India launched the Vaccine Maitri program to provide poor countries with equitable access to life-saving vaccines.

In 2015, when thousands of Indians found themselves in the midst of war-torn Yemen, the Modi government launched “Operation Rahat”, bringing about 4,640 Indians and more than 900 of her of aliens rescued.

Operation Devi Shakti has once again proven that the Modi government is capable of rescuing Indians from tense situations anywhere in the world. After the Taliban laid siege to the Afghan capital Kabul following the withdrawal of U.S. forces, the Modi government sent several flights to Kabul to take about 500 Indians and his 200, including ethnic minorities such as Sikhs and Hindus. more than one Afghan national were evacuated.

A much bigger relief was the ‘Vande Bharat’ campaign. The Modi government has repatriated about 1.8 million Indians stranded in various countries due to Covid-19. With over 2,000 flights, it was perhaps the largest relief effort of any country.

If Vande Bharat was spectacular, Operation Ganga was simply incredible. War was raging in Ukraine, leaving thousands of Indians stranded. “Operation Ganga” was launched to rescue more than 20,000 Indian citizens from Ukraine by ensuring their safe passage to neighboring countries such as Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. breaking news, trending news, cricket news, bollywood news,

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