Opinion | On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion, can Hollywood keep Ukraine in our hearts and minds?



One of Sean’s Oscars in his pen is in Volodymyr Zelensky’s bunker.
The actor visited the Ukrainian president last year and left the statue in a cheeky and moving state.”If you win, take me back to Malibu.”

A star actively interested in the black hole of misfortune that engulfed Ukraine a year ago when Russia’s top sociopath Vladimir Putin ambushed his sovereign neighbor with his imperial and murderous ambitions, the star penned Not only.

Other celebrities including Angelina Jolie,Ben Stiller,Liev Schreiber and Jessica Chastain visited Kiev as a show of support.I was filming Super Power. The film premiered to a standing ovation at the Berlin Film Festival a few days ago.

But can Hollywood keep Ukraine in our hearts?

The weariness mounts as the war marks his tragic one-year anniversary on Friday.The longer this conflict drags on, and it can last very long, the harder it is to get our attention. That is the nature of animals. The decline in approval ratings is already evident in the polls. You can hear politicians and pundits questioning why money and guns are leaving the country when there are so many problems to solve.

But this war is neither binary nor abstract. it is existential. It should be important for all of us.A year after Russia’s savage invasion,I honestly don’t understand the isolationists and naysayers and superficial demons who mock Zelensky or talk about the war like it’s the middle season of Survivor.Tucker Carlson or Marjorie The Kremlin doesn’t need a propaganda machine when oilfield experts like Taylor Green are parroting the issue.


Somewhere out there, Ronald Reagan is shaking his head and crying into the egg whites.

May God help Silver Spoon if he tucks or manic his Marge is forced to endure the horrors Ukrainians have endured over the past year.

Instead of whining about overcooked eggs, these right-wing cartoons see air sirens blaring, Russian bombs destroying civilian infrastructure, and everyday life a hell of an unimaginable hour-by-hour crime against humanity.

A few months ago, after getting bogged down in YouTube quicksand and giving way to a rabbit hole of intrigue, there was a nasty increase in the number of highbrows who began to streamline their invasions. NATO expansionism is to blame! America tricked Russia into running tanks across its border, unleashing a proxy war of strategic annihilation! George Soros, Ukrainian biolab, including research into airborne Ebola rabies that turns infected into zombie socialists Putin was forced to blow up hospitals, schools and homes while his troops were killing, raping and looting!

That is why Hollywood’s support for Ukraine has never been more important.

A year later, too many so-called public intellectuals were willing to accept the reality that theoretical physics was diplomacy for Putin in the same way that theoretical physics was diplomacy for Putin for Lindsay Lohan. We are making a fuss about de-escalation. Come to reality he is not interested in peace or negotiations. This delusional monster thinks only of conquest, conquest, and more misery.

Especially now that the army has been humiliated to the maximum for 12 consecutive months. Too bad Putin loses an arm wrestling match with Honey Boo Boo.

Entering the second year of the war, celebrities have to turn their heads. Showing support is not enough. We must know exactly what Ukraine needs. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have raised millions of dollars for relief efforts. Hats off. Now they must use massive public platforms to urge Western leaders to accelerate the delivery of deadly and defensive aid. But I’ve also noticed a growing gap in comments. And as military and geopolitical experts become increasingly tight-lipped, celebrities may ask why it is taking so long to provide Ukraine with the weapons it desperately needs to survive. maybe you can. Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker set a good example recently. He signs Star Wars memorabilia to fund Ukrainian drones. Other A-list celebrities should follow his lead: Ben Stiller should turn his attention to his F-16 fighter jet. Richard Gere was to be the export ambassador for the M1 Abrams tank. U2’s Bono and Edge, who performed at a Kiev metro station in May, should use world leader Rolodex to speed up the relocation of air defense systems, including HIMARS. Demand that Israel give Ukraine an iron dome.

A year ago, experts predicted Ukraine would fall to Russia within 48 hours of her. But to quote Joe Biden this week, the country still stands. They are still fighting for independence. It still keeps evil in check while the rest of us go about our lives.

Former comedian and actor Volodymyr Zelensky understands the power of pop culture. As such, he speaks at award ceremonies, including the Grammy Awards. Or film festivals, including this weekend in Berlin. That’s why the head of the Ukrainian president’s office, Andriy Yermak, wrote an open letter in the spring thanking the celebrity. The Ukraine war officially enters its second year on Friday.


Celebrities need to prepare for the new battles that await them.=


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