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All eyes are on Paris Hilton, but they never leave.
The entrepreneur is celebrating her 42nd birthday on Feb. 17. said she was “very low-key” in her new home with small intimate groups for dinner and karaoke. increase.
She also welcomed her first child, a boy, with her husband Carter Reum earlier this year, and she “loves being her new mother.”

“He’s such an angel. I’m so in love with him,” Hilton adds.
But the ever-busy reality star, DJ, and fashion icon isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Hilton is giving fans the chance to see her most iconic looks and stunning accessories in real life with House of Y2K, a collaboration with Klarna. The event is her interactive, one-day pop-up shop in Los Angeles, showcasing ensembles and technology items spanning a decade of history.

Paris Hilton shows off her most iconic looks at her House of Y2K pop-up. Courtesy of Khurana

It looks like 2000s style is back in fashion thanks to Gen Z fashionistas updating their retro looks. And Hilton couldn’t be happier.
“I love it because I’m so proud that all my looks are just (admired). Every time I go to a runway show or talk to a designer, my photos It’s full of mood boards and people get really inspired,” Hilton says of the resurgence of 2000s trends. “Back when I didn’t have any stylists. I literally bought my looks and put them together. I was always ahead of the curve.”

Hilton and Jeremy Scott backstage at a fashion show on April 3, 2003. Lester Cohen / WireImage

Of course, not all trends are hits. Hilton notes that one of her 2000 staples she doesn’t want to revisit is her Von Dutch. “I’ve noticed or seen a lot of kids wearing Von Dutch hats again. I think it’s funny. But I won’t be rocking it again,” she laughs. Say, “That and Ed Hardy.”

To curate her collection, Hilton sifted through archives and closets to find the most iconic looks she’s held onto all along.
“She keeps what she wants her daughter to have one day. There are many beautiful pieces, but there are many that I donate,” she said, adding that special pieces are special.

Hilton is in a new phase of her life as a new mother, but that doesn’t mean her style will change, it will just evolve.
“I think with each new stage in life, my style evolves accordingly. Thanks to this new motherhood version, my outfits have gotten a little more practical,” she says. Not that I don’t have one, I have a new line of tracksuits that I designed and I really like the velor tracksuit because it’s so comfortable.”

Fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at her life as Hilton rocks the set in comfort and Paris In Love season 2 kicks off. Recently refurbished and under construction.
“Everything includes: all my journeys, new moms, my babies, 11:11 Media, running my media company, touring for my music, being in the studio, my book tours. Everything About Traveling in.’ opens March 14. “We shoot almost every day. So they capture everything.”

“Season 1 was just planning the wedding, but now I’m married, I’m a mother, and we’re kind of talking everything. So this second season is going to be epic,” she adds. “I’m really looking forward to the season.”

Above all, Hilton wants to entertain and make people smile. “One of the things I love about her job is that she brings brightness and happiness to the world,” she says. “And now, more than ever, I feel like I need it. I love being able to do this to make people happy.”

Below, Hilton showcases three of her most iconic looks featured in her House of Y2K pop-up.

Hilton celebrated its 21st birthday on May 3, 2002 at The Stoke Room, Swallow Street, London. Dave Bennett/Getty Images

“In my opinion, this dress is the most iconic dress ever made. I immediately thought, ‘I need to wear this for my birthday in London. How many people have taken inspiration from a dress and recreated it? I always see that every designer makes some version of this dress. It makes me so proud to see such a statement piece that so many people love and want to copy.”

“When I would wear an outfit, I didn`t really think about it (making headlines). I knew that it was special, but I had no idea that it would become so iconic like it is now.”

“The Simple Life” 2002 promo with Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in “The Simple Life.”Sam Jones / 20th Century Fox Tv / Kobal / Shutterstock

“I remember Nicole (Richie) and I being on set and they had all these different jean looks, overalls, skirts and all of that. I just thought that that specific look looked so perfect for (the promo). I`m so happy that I chose it. I think it`s, again, such an iconic photo and it just fit `The Simple Life` vibe so perfectly, kind of like bringing in Beverly Hills with a mix of the simple life together.”

She adds that she can`t believe the show will celebrate its 20-year anniversary this coming December. “This show is so special and I feel like I can’t replicate what Nicole and I have together. We’ve known each other since we were born and are like family.” I think it’s very special to have a sisterly friendship and go through all these adventures together, especially now with cellphones and such, it’s like another world.Replicate something like that I couldn’t.”

Signature Pink Tracksuit

Hilton in her signature pink tracksuit with her dog Tinkerbell on Jan. 19, 2003. Amy Graves/WireImage

“I’ve always loved rocking tracksuits. I love how they’re so comfortable, I love being able to wear them for any occasion, whether it’s to relax, dress up more, wear heels with cute jewelry, or take them off. Tracksuits. I’ve been using it ever since I wore it.It always felt like a school uniform when I was relaxing at home.”

Track Her suit is part of her, so she collaborated with her Klarna to design a limited edition, with proceeds going to her non-profit 11:11 Media Impact. “2000 has been such an iconic year. Ever since the campaign about how Klarna helped evolve shopping, everyone has been given an upgraded version of the tracksuit so they can rock that iconic look. I just wanted to launch,” Hilton says of one of her signature looks. “I invented her rocking tracksuit.”


Hilton in a limited edition tracksuit. Courtesy of Khurana

Our partnership with Klarna also explores the evolution of her fashion, beauty and tech shopping trends since the early 2000s. There are her three floors or activations and installations dedicated to Y2K and the wonderful Hilton archives. Entrants can have makeup done by her artist Nick Her Methos, or have her personal items sparkly and bring home her Y2K swag her bag with sunglasses, Tamagotchi, hair ties, and more. I can.
The free House of Y2K pop-up will be held on Friday, February 2nd. 24 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM Pt. Located at 8070 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.


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