From Rajpath to Kartavya Path: Modi’s predictable path

His emphasis on kartavya or duties throws the ball in the citizen’s court and is central to his political proposition. This is something he has been writing and saying since he took power Topics BS Opinion | Shekhar Gupta There’s been much criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Central Vista renovation for being […]

Tiranga vs Tiranga

India’s most audacious new party has joined the battle with Modi, freebies and nationalism. The latter is more visible. So they will match it, Tiranga for Tiranga, slogan for slogan, tweet for tweet Topics BS Opinion | Shekhar Gupta | BJP As we head into the long weekend of the big Independence Day — big […]

That Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our minds is a big, positive change

Three years since the changes in Article 370, some things have improved, while some have gotten worse Topics BS Opinion | Kashmir   This year marks the third anniversary of significant domestic changes to Jammu & Kashmir’s status. The rule of three, often known as the three-illustration rule, is one of the first effects you learn in […]