The West Block – Episode 25, Season 12 – National |

THE WEST BLOCK Episode 25, Season 12 Sunday, March 12, 2023 Host: Eric Sorenson Guests: Marco Mendicino, Public Safety Minister Andrew Wallace, Australian MP, Deputy Chair of Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security   Location: Ottawa, ON     Eric Sorenson: As allegations of Chinese election interference mount, the Prime Minister shifts gears, but […]

The West Block – Episode 24, Season 12 – National |

THE WEST BLOCK Episode 24, Season 12 Sunday, March 5, 2023 Host: Mercedes Stephenson Guests: Artur Wilczynski, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications Security Establishment Politics Panel: Stephanie Levitz, The Toronto Star; and Robert Fife, The Globe and Mail   Location: Ottawa, ON     Story continues below advertisement Mercedes Stephenson: Is Ottawa doing enough to […]

How should Ottawa tackle foreign interference? Don’t wait for probes first, experts say – National |

The federal government should work to develop and pass legislation that strengthens Canada against foreign interference this year rather than wait for investigations — including any potential public inquiry — to play out first, former top public servants say. But transparency in all of that will be “essential” to restoring Canadians’ trust in their democratic institutions amid mounting allegations of […]