Next phase of ‘Alberta is Calling’ campaign targets skilled workers in Ontario, Maritimes |

The next phase of the provincial government’s “Alberta is Calling” campaign, which will try to attract workers from northern and southwestern Ontario and the Maritimes, was launched Monday. The Alberta government is hoping to address labour shortages in sectors like skilled trades, health care, food service and hospitality, accounting, engineering and technology. “Almost every sector […]

Pakistan’s CPI jumps 31.5%, retail inflation highest in 49 years

Pakistan’s annual inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), soared to a record high of 31.55 per cent in February, compared to 27.6 per cent in the previous month, driven by massive increases in food and transport prices, local media reported. According to Arif Habib Corporation, […]

It’s O.K. to Be Confused About This Economy

Inflation is falling steadily, or is it? If over-all employment is growing strongly, why are tech giants laying off hundreds of thousands of workers? Is the economy heading for a “soft landing” rather than a “hard landing,” or will it be a “no landing” or a “rolling recession”? If the latest economic news has left […]

$19 bn derivative bond trade in India at risk from Modi’s new tax

[Display_1]     Derivatives deals that have boosted demand for India’s sovereign debt billions of times come under threat from the proposed tax, adding pressure to a market struggling with record sovereign debt.   Plans to tax high-value insurance contracts in New Delhi will reduce demand and encourage the industry to cut bond investments, analysts […]

G20 nations adopt ‘chair summary’ after Russia, China opposition

After days of grueling negotiations, the G20 nations adopted a ‘chair summary’ which recognised a slightly improved global macroeconomic outlook but acknowledged that global growth remains slow and there are headwinds. “Since we last met in October 2022, the global economic outlook has modestly improved. However, global […]

MeitY invites proposals to estimate the size of India’s digital economy

[Display_1]       On Wednesday, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) called for proposals that face the challenge of estimating the size of India’s digital economy and ranking and measuring the state’s share in the sector. Stakeholders can work to create a measurement framework for the digital economy. It may also be […]