Trudeau calls Ford’s use of notwithstanding clause ‘wrong’ |

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is questioning Premier Doug Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause to impose a contract on thousands of education workers, calling the move “wrong.” The Ford government is actively debating Bill 28, which would impose a four-year contract on 55,000 education support workers, prohibits a strike during the life of the contract, […]

Why Oakland Parents Are Flocking to a Chinese-Immersion School

There’s a thoroughly unsympathetic but deeply felt crisis that hits the grown children of upwardly mobile immigrants. These second-generation strivers—who are largely assimilated, educated in the U.S., and often ostensibly liberal—have children of their own, and, when faced with the more lax customs of their neighbors, start to wonder if their parents, who forced them […]

Victoria B.C. march honours Chinese 1922 student strike |

The first day of school in Victoria one hundred years ago marked the start of a student strike over segregation that helped Chinese Canadians solidify their place in a country that was not always welcoming, say historians and cultural experts. It was on Sept. 5, 1922, that the British Columbia capital’s more than 200 Chinese-Canadian […]

Feds pledge funds toward sexual health education at announcement in Calgary |

Ottawa has pledged $2.8 million in funding for organizations helping those who face barriers in learning about sexual and reproductive health. Yi Wen Shao, the Montreal-based project co-ordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, said there is a serious shortfall in support for young people, those who have disabilities and Indigenous communities. […]