Ernesto Cervini on Finding Inspiration in Literature | Canadian Musician Podcast

Show notes This week, we’re joined by Ernesto Cervini, one of Canada’s premiere jazz artists, who also runs Orange Grove Publicity. The drummer, composer, and bandleader chats about making a life and a living in the music business, and the literary inspirations behind his latest offering, 2022’s Joy. The Juno-nominated Joy was inspired by a […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Trans Rights

The first time I saw Masha Gessen was more than thirty years ago, on the streets of Moscow. This was during the Gorbachev era, the perestroika years, a time of reform and promise. It’s hard to imagine it now. As a reporter for the Washington Post, I was trying to keep track of the countless […]

Carly Walton on the Benefits of Online Teaching | Canadian Musician Podcast

[Display_1] see notes It is clear that online education has proliferated during the pandemic and has proven to be a more efficient model. This week, Teach Music Online‘s Carly Walton talks about what it takes to transition to a new teaching and learning model, not just the benefits of being a teacher online, but what […]