The Post-COVID “Immunity Gap” Continues to Pummel Pediatric Wards

It’s after 9 P.M., and I’m with the pediatric night team in the children’s emergency room at my hospital. We’re admitting another toddler with a viral infection. The kid has the flu, or RSV, parainfluenza, rhinovirus, adenovirus, COVID, enterovirus, or some mix of multiple viruses—it hardly matters. She is coming into the hospital so that […]

Scientists Invent a Patch That Gives You a Painless Tattoos

Unless you’re a professional tattoo artist (or an angsty teenager with a needle and a lighter), you likely haven’t considered inking yourself. But that may change one day: Researchers have designed single-use patches with tiny needles that are easy to use and can deposit tattoos on the skin—painlessly. Though these microneedle tattoo patches will be […]