NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons?

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. BRUSSELS — Add NATO’s military planners to the list of those concerned about having enough shells.  In the coming months, the alliance will accelerate efforts to stockpile equipment along the alliance’s eastern edge and designate tens of thousands of forces that can rush to […]

NATO on the precipice

[Display_1] Press play to listen to this article Voice by artificial intelligence. Washington/Brussels – The pictures tell the story. Last weekend, in the crowded conference rooms and hallways of Munich’s Hotel Bayerischer Hof, a man stood with the same forward-looking resolve NATO has long sought to portray, but often struggled to achieve. Allies on the […]

How Ukrainian-Americans could influence the U.S. midterms – National |

[Display_1] Peter Fedinsky normally votes Republican, but will vote Democrat in the November 8 US midterm elections. And many members of his Ukrainian-American community are doing the same, he says. “They have never voted for Democrats, but they understand that they must in this case because the survival of Ukraine is at stake,” Fedinsky said. […]