Why the Microsoft Office-ization of AI makes sense

There’s a lot of mystery and glamour surrounding the future of artificial intelligence, which suddenly looks to be gaining capabilities at an incredible pace. Yet the nonstop product announcements now coming from Big Tech have largely been centered around quotidian office tasks like making spreadsheets or managing Gmail or creating PowerPoint slides. While that’s disappointing […]

Ajay Banga will have to fight the US government if he wants an effective World Bank

The World Bank is facing extreme financing challenges as it aims to lift countries out of poverty while mitigating the impact of climate change. In that struggle, developing countries are instead turning to private lenders for exorbitant loans, or to lenders such as China, which is unforgiving toward its debtors. The World Bank, its critics […]

A British family wants to make amends for its slave ownership past

[Display_1] When slavery was abolished in parts of the British Empire in the 19th century, the families of English slave owners were compensated. Nearly 200 years later, a family seeks to make amends to a community that has benefited from forced labor. Members of the Trevelyan family established a £100,000 ($119,479) fund aimed at researching […]