Starbucks Workers Strike Ahead Of Shareholder Meeting

ARLINGTON, Va. ― Sam Dukore had some unfortunate news for the regulars at his Starbucks store in Arlington, Virginia, on Wednesday. The company’s union-busting had prompted workers to go on strike and shut down the store for the day, Dukore told them. “Sorry, Curtis!” he shouted to a customer headed for the locked doors. The […]

Howard Schultz Is In More Hot Water Over Starbucks Union-Busting Allegations

Federal labor officials filed yet another complaint against Starbucks and CEO Howard Schultz on Thursday, accusing the coffee chain’s co-founder of breaking the law through “collaboration sessions” he held with baristas. A Seattle-based regional director for the National Labor Relations Board said in the complaint that the sessions held by Schultz and other high-level Starbucks […]

Starbucks Busted For Illegal Union Busting

Starbucks broke the law by firing two union leaders, making illegal threats and surveilling baristas who agitated for better working conditions in Philadelphia, the National Labor Relations Board ruled Monday. The three-member panel’s decision affirms a judge’s findings in 2021 that the coffee chain violated employees’ rights repeatedly in late 2019 and early 2020, when […]