Whose Line Is It Anyway? to Say, ‘And Scene’


Photo: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I hear “sad comedy news!” Okay, this is the totally improvised “Sad Comedy News Hoedown.” Clap along!

When I was a young girl,
My mother said to me:
“You don’t have to go outside;
Just sit and watch TV!”

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Was somehow always on
And that’s how I learned
Poor screen-time habits from my mom

[Piano break.]

The show had a fun format
Of short-form improv games
And ABC, they stacked the cast
With big-deal improv names:

Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie,
Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles,
Proved it’s great to copy TV
From the British Isles

[Piano break.]

The fourth chair was a fun one
It had a lot of guests
Jeff Davis was a regular
And Proops, perhaps the best

They played games like “Scenes from a Hat”
And “Party Quirks” and “Props”
The points, they didn’t count
’Cause keeping score of stuff’s for cops

[Piano break.]

The show began in ’98
And ended in ’07
Until CW came along
And said “let’s try ag(ev)ain”

Aisha Tyler hosted
And it lasted nine more years
Inspiring college improv troupes
To bomb in front of peers

[Piano break.]

But on November 4th,
Mochrie tweeted something scary:
The final season of Whose Line?
Will film in January

Why on earth would Whose Line end
At near 400 eps?
We don’t know! We’re still on hold with
CW reps

[Jaunty piano outro.]


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